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Club of business women"Djien-club"


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 Newspaper "Economic News fotm Russia & Commonwealth" «ECONOMIC NEWS»

The digest of business press. On newspaper pages you can always find: the latest developments in the CIS countries, commentaries to new normative documents. This is newspaper for those who wish to save their time.

Monthly Almanac "Documents" ALMANAC «DOCUMENTS»

The most complete, unique edition. Every month publishes more than 150-2OO new documents with all alterations and amendments. Includes laws, decrees, resolutions and decisions of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, the Customs Committee and other ministries and departments (Fees, Properties, Trade and social security, Economy...)

Newspaper " Customs Herald " «CUSTOMS HERALD»

The only periodical edition in Russia aimed at covering problems dealing through borders, export quotas and licensing, currency regulation in Russia.

Club of business women"Djien-club"

Club of business women "Djien-club" was founded at 1989.

The subscription on «Economic News from Russia and Commonwealth», «Customs Herald» and almanac «Documents» for foreign readers conduct Company «Mezhdunarodnaya kniga», «Mk-periodica». Tel. (095) 235-49-67
Fax: (095) 238-46-34, (Look also http://www.periodicals.ru )

     You can buy the newspapers «Economic News from Russia and Commonwealth», «Customs Herald» and monthly almanac «Documents» in editorial office (any issue of 1994-2000 years). It is possible to place an order for any individual document you needed from almanac or from contents of newly issued documents which are absent in main contents because of its not economic or local or special purpose.Our address:
«Economic News»
Post Box 58, Moscow-9
103050, Russia
E-mail: econews@econews.ru
Tel.: (095) 299-38-27, 921-59-34
Fax: (095) 921-06-09

     It is necessary to indicate an information about document you needed: editor, date and number or punctual name. Afterwards you can pay an account we shall send to you: US $5.00 for every documents plus US $0.3 for every page of original or for 1800 symbols:Beneficiary: Company «Documents» a/c 40702840100120000050 Bank of Beneficiary: Bank of Moscow, 36 Noviy Arbat, Moscow, Swift code: MOSWRUMM, a/c 400 920 190 with the Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, Swift code: CHAS US 33  

   After confirmation of payment you can receive your document by E-mail, or by post (in accordance with your wish) or by fax (if amount of the pages is no more than 3-4).

   The cost of one number, you can buy in editorial office by cash:
«Economic News from Russia and Common wealth»                   15 roubles
«Customs Herald»                                                                          20 roubles
«Documents»                                                                                 335 roubles  

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